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The Hottest men’s underwear models wearing HUNK

There are no guidelines to define what makes a good underwear model.

Is it talent? Is it looks? Is it the right photographer and the right angle?

It is a combination of all of these, but most importantly: a good model is a man that expels passion, someone who we can identify with, who we would like to meet, or someone who personifies the type of body or attitude we would like to have.

This article is a live track of HUNK’s sexiest models. Our sexy models represent our customers: from various countries, various looks and styles, professional or amateur, what they all have in common is these sexy men represent the HUNK brand fully.






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Philip Fusco






Underwear Model Bradley Brooks

HUNK HUNK Menswear

Underwear Model Trent Cresap

Underwear Model Jake Kearton

HUNK HUNK2 Menswear

Underwear Model Marti Twelve

HUNK Jockstrap Model

Underwear Model Eric Vayant

HUNK Menswear Model

Underwear Model Adam Luvary

Underwear Model Juan Cardona