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How to Make Your Abs Pop

Simple hacks by Underwear model Nick P.

We took physique model Nick Perillo down to Del Mar Beach and got him to try on a few pairs of the HUNK swim-shorts.


Make Abs Pop HUNK Swimwear Sexy

They’re stunning photos!

Nick is a competitive bodybuilder, and he looks great from every angle, but what really caught our eye in this shoot was his rippling washboard of a stomach.

His abs are so sharp and defined that they almost look like they might hurt you – it’s a risk we’re willing to take.


But how do fitness models such as Nick get their abs in peak condition?

Here’s some tips that you might want to try and incorporate into your regime.


Popping abs start with your diet

If you’d like to see more definition in your abs, one of the key things to focus on is your diet.


Make Abs Pop HUNK Swimwear Sexy 

Everyone has got a set of abdominal muscles…

But you need to be fairly lean and strong in order to get the definition that you see on underwear models.


There’s no point doing a whole heap of sit-ups if you’re not going to embrace the kind of diet discipline that reveal your abs in all their glory.


Hit the Intervals!

Make Abs Pop HUNK Swimwear Sexy

Intense interval training is a great way to help you get lean and strong. Interval training comes in lots of different forms, so try a few different options and figure out what works best for you.


You need to be fairly structured and methodical in order to get the best out of interval training:

You’re looking for short and intense bursts of exercise with controlled recovery periods to maximise the impact on your body.

Sign-up with a personal trainer or join a CrossFit class.

Then you can put all of your focus on pounding out the exercises without having to keep an eye on the stopwatch.


How to Make Your Abs Pop - Simple hacks by Underwear model Nick P.


Get serious about squats

It really feels a bit counter-intuitive:

But you shouldn’t be crunching to reveal your abs!  That’s something that Nick revealed as a common misbelief.


If you’re wondering about which exercises you should be concentrating on if you want to enhance your abs, get this:

You’ll get better results from squats than you will from ab-crunches.

Do squats make your abs pop?

Squats are a great functional exercise, really engaging your abs as you lift the weight and push through the upwards motion.


Make Abs Pop

If you want great abs then the squat rack is going to be your new best friend.