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What's IN and OUT in Underwear for Men


What's IN and what's OUT in men's underwear?

Some of HUNK² Best Tips to Pick The Right Underwear

What to go for and what to avoid in 2019 fashion underwear!


Shopping for underwear can be the most exciting thing for some people -except for most older or not fashionable men!


And when it comes to shopping for underwear, most men would just pick up the basic black or white boxers/briefs.

But gone are the days when shopping was stuff of nightmares for men, men have become more self-conscious and have realized that life is more fun when you are wearing clothing that you really like and that makes you feel comfortable.

Underwear for men comes in many styles and materials to suit any situation from sports to more intimate moments.

From loose styles to form-fitting designs that provide support and sexy cuts for showing off, there is a vast range of underwear out there.

So vast, that for some guys it can get a little overwhelming.

Which is why this article has a few of the basic things every man shopping for underwear should now.



Now, let’s get you started on becoming an underwear expert:


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What’s “IN” in Underwear for Men


Even these concealed garments underneath our clothing are just as important as outerwear in terms of styles, comfort and function.

Follow these guidelines so you know the appropriate material and style for certain occasions.


1st Go For: Well-Fitting Underwear


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Whatever style of underwear for men you choose, comfort should be your top priority.

It should be well-fitting while providing support throughout.

If you are wondering about size, men’s sizes are based on the circumference of waist and generally match pant measurements.

There are some who think wearing a small size underwear will emphasize their bulge.

But the only thing that happens is that these men spend the entire day in discomfort, pull at their underwear at every secret opportunity!


Restricting underwear raises body temperature, causing excessive sweating that can lead to stains.

Not a pretty picture!

These increased temperature in groin area over extended periods of time is has detrimental effects on health and fertility.

Tight elastic can also cause rashes and irritation.

So, stop torturing yourself with tight underwear and let your boys down under breathe!

However, this does not mean you should start wearing underwear that is too big.

That is also uncomfortable and can make wrinkles in outer clothing.

All that extra underwear cloth can bunch up and ruin the body’s form through your pants.


2nd Go For: Many Underwear Styles


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Generally, men should keep about 10 pairs of underwear in their wardrobe. Seven for each day of the week and three extra pairs as backups.

But keeping all 10 underwear in the same style? Definitely not.

That is boring and very un-sexy. You need to have different styles for various occasions and activities.

Keep one or two pair that is appropriate for work while a different style might be more comfortable for the gym or for any other vigorous activity like running or jogging.

Other than that, there is a wide variety of underwear style to choose from.

Many men just stick with one style they are comfortable.

But you should try other styles and you’ll be surprised at how comfortable you may feel in new style.



Boxers have elastic waistbands with wide leg opening.

The design is very so it allows air but provide no support.

So avoid this underwear while running or your boys will just be bouncing up and down in an uncomfortable manner.

You can wear them to sleep in or as loungewear.

But do not wear them with pants or they will just bunch and ride above the waist and you will spend the entire day cursing yourself.

You can buy boxers in with a variety of colors, designs and patterns.


With elastic waistband and leg openings, briefs are form-fitting.

The fly has overlapping pocket of material that provide good support.

This makes it great for physical activities like working out at the gym.

After some time the fabric is stretched and worn out so it is best to replace the underwear when it is no longer form-fitting.

It is mostly available in white but for the slightly less boring out there, some pairs are available in solid colors or you can buy one with logos or images depicted on it.



If you are looking for something that offers the coverage of boxers with the support of briefs, then boxer-briefs are for you!

They can be worn under pants without displaying lines or bunching up. It is a popular due to its comfort and versatility.

You can find them solid colors, ranging from dark to light colors.


Thermal Underwear

This is mostly a functional underwear that is worn by men in cold climates to maintain body.

It extends from the waist to the ankles and is form fitting.

It is also worn as loungewear or for sleeping in.

Now that we have discussed the usual styles on underwear, let’s talk about the exciting ones!



Now this one is an especially sexy style of men’s underwear. It has an elastic waistband in different widths, a pouch and a thin strip of fabric for the back. This style does not show lines when worn with pants.

Many men are not comfortable with this style, terming it as ‘too gay’ or ‘feminine’.

Let us tell you, that is not the truth. Thongs for men are incredibly sexy and surprisingly comfortable.

So while many men prefer wearing it for some foreplay but just as many men are wearing them to the office as well.

There are new designs in thongs that offer better support so men can wear them every day.

Solid colors are usually common but for the more adventurous ones, you can find something in sparkles too!

Don’t shy away from experimenting; you might just find yourself wearing a sparkly thong!



Another sexy style on underwear for men: bikinis are very popular.

They are designed to look like briefs but are actually more revealing.

It can be worn with lower cut jeans as the waist sits a little lower on the hips.

Men who haven’t tried this style of underwear need to give it a go, at least once. If you are looking for a little more variation you can try the string bikini that has narrower waistbands at the hips.

Dear men, don’t be boring.

Experiment with different spice up your life.

You will not only impress your partner in bed, you will also find yourself imbued with confidence and sexiness.



Briefs give you support and mobility



3rd Go For: Different Brands of Underwear


Underwear Tips


Yes, at HUNK we’re not jealous.

Why not? Have fun guys! Wear HUNK and wear your favorite Hanes, and favorite Andrew Christians.

Why not to wear them all and pick your favorites? Various brands out there have their own material, features, designs and cuts.

Many men find their particular brand that offers them the right fit that they find with no other brand.

Even so, it is a good idea to try out a few different names to find one that fits your properly and gives you the most comfort.

Once you have tried out different brands you can choose one you feel most comfortable with.


4th Go For: Different Underwear Fabrics


Underwear Tips Men


When you’re looking at the comfort of a garment, the fabric material of the underwear is extremely important.

Most of men’s underwear is made from natural materials that has great warmth, softness,support, and air flow.

There are certain fabrics that are better suited for physical activities while others are ideal for sleeping in.

You can also keep different underwear according to cold and warm seasons.


Cotton: it is a natural material that is very soft and comfortable. It can provide warmth in winters and movement in the summer.

Elastane: a synthetic fabric, it is often used for sports as it is very well-fitted and offers great support. It is also very flexible which makes the rigorous movement easier. Spandex underwear allows athletes to breathe so sweat and smell are not trapped in.

Flannel: this fabric is usually used for thermal underwear for warmth. It is made of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. The material is very soft but can wear down over time.

Silk: who doesn’t love silk? It is a soft, luxurious material often used for boxers. The fabric is not very practical as it stains easily and is not resistant to moisture but it sure does feel great!


5th Go For: New Underwear

There are some men who are really attached to some favorite or ‘lucky’ pairs of underwear.

Or they just want to save every single penny possible.

But when it comes to underwear please don’t be one of those people!

Underwear material can be durable but it won’t last forever! It can become stained, stretch out or rip with big holes.

This may be normal wear and tear but underwear need to be replaced when this happens.

Dirty old worn out underwear is far from sexy and it will only gross out your partner.

As it should gross out you too!

Keep your underwear in good condition for maximum support, comfort, protection and sexiness!



What’s “OUT” in Underwear for Men


There are certain guidelines men need to follow when choosing the right pair of underwear.

Or you could end with a fashion disaster on your hands!

These tips can help you avoid embarrassing scenes with regards to your underwear.

So memorize them!


1st Forget About: Not Wearing Underwear


Mens Underwear Tips


Some men think going commando is pretty sexy and bold.

But it is not. Let me break it you; it is just silly.

Men with good hygiene practices wear underwear.

If you don’t wear any, you could end up with some health problems.

Outerwear is not designed with soft fabrics.

Its harsh fabric and zippers can cause problems.

Zippers and genital….? Ouch! If you’re not a big fan of genital rashes and injuries, wear an underwear!

Be modest. It is also important to have underwear support while working out.

It will be easier for you to get stains and smells out of underwear rather than pants.

And it is cheaper to replace underwear than your pants.


Thongs for men are incredibly sexy and surprisingly comfortable.


2nd Forget About: Loose Underwear with Slacks


Underwear Blog Tips for Men


This rule! So many men do not realize but boxers are not for dress pants!

They may be comfortable for sleeping in but they easily bunch up under pants. You dress up all nice with dress pants.

And the whole form is destroyed because you wore boxers! Wear form-fitting underwear so it does not bunch up.

Or you will look pretty ridiculous.


3rd Forget About: Exposing Underwear


Mens Underwear Tips


Once upon a time, low baggy jeans with exposed underwear was very popular among young men and boys.

But that look is highly unprofessional and it just makes everyone around very uncomfortable.

Why do you think other people want to see your underwear?

They don’t. It is not socially acceptable and anyone who thinks it is needs a checkup.

Especially in professional and social scenarios, your underwear needs to remain hidden beneath your clothing.

It is an UNDERgarment. So keep it under!


4th Forget About: Wearing Thongs to Work Out


Underwear for Men what to wear HUNK HUNK2


Seriously guys!

Why do you think someone bothered to create jockstraps?

That’s the way to go your sexiest during your workouts.

Unless you have other intentions, thongs are not really your best pick. You feel sexy when your underwear is sexy and fashionable.

It spices up your life and makes your intimate life more exciting. But be careful on when to wear very small underwear such as thongs; it can get uncomfortable when you’re at the gym.

At HUNK, we always think of fabrics and designs that can make you feel sexy while you perform physical activities.

Thongs and bikinis have skimpy designs that can ride up in vigorous movements.

This can be extremely uncomfortable. So while we always love sexy, we think comfort comes first.

Our short briefs definitely strike the balance between comfort and looks.

Check them out guys!


5th Forget About: Sharing Underwear


Underwear Trends for Men


No, no, no. Having a partner similar in size is such an advantage when it comes to expanding your wardrobe.

However, please do not think of wearing his underwear. Keep your underwear to yourself, guys! Ha!

Just kidding. We know you’d never sin on this commandement.

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