Men's Swim Trunks

Square Cut Swimwear for Men


Mens Swim Trunks Square Cut


Swim Trunks are for Sexy Men

Men's swim trunks are one of the most popular types of swimwear.

They look like shorts but are generally made from polyester or nylon that are light and quick-drying and have a tighter-fitting lining inside the shorts.

There is a wide range of fits, colors, styles and brands in trunks to suit everyone’s tastes.

Ours are reversible -a design we are proud of and which makes us unique in the market -since no other premium brand carries anything similar.

If you want a slightly tighter fit overall, you can go for European style men's swim trunks.


Mens Swim Trunks Square Cut


Square-Cut Shorts

The swimwear of James Bond!

Daniel Craig wore this style in Casino Royale and has since become very popular. It is a fitted style that covers the upper thigh and waist.

They are also referred to as brazilian men's swimwear or sungas.

The style cuts straight across the leg which gives it a box-like look.

This makes it less revealing than angled swim briefs but makes it look very sexy.

Some men love square-cut swim trunks because they higlihgt your masculine parts so you look manlier in them.


Mens Swim Trunks Square Cut


Trends in Swim Trunks

This season at HUNK we’ve introduced our new reversible designs of seim trunks.

Designing a piece of clothing that can be worn in multiple ways is a bit of a challenge, but we’re really pleased with the results.

When you put your mind to creating something a bit special, anything is possible.

Available in both our swim-trunks and swim-briefs styles, the reversible functionality of our swimwear gives you the choice of rocking out various styles.

You can wear bold South American inspired wildlife patterns, such as our designer's Amazon style, or making a simple statement in block colours.

Sexy swim trunks to suit your mood and the occasion – that’s clever design.