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Hot Guys: Five You Must Know About Them

Hot Guys: Top 5 Things To Know About ThemIt's Not Just Physical Hot Guys:

What Makes Them be Hot?

We all have witnessed men that make everyone around drool and their skins tingle with just their presence. These men tend to emanate sexiness from them as soon as they walk into a room. So what intangibles do these manly creatures possess that manifest sexiness? Let’s dig deeper into the subject to find the top qualities all of these hot guys have in common. These qualities, physical and character traits are basic things that most of us consider hot in a man:


Hot Guys

Sense of Humor

The biggest turn on for anyone who is into men is a guy with quality sense of humor. It’s important that you don’t crack jokes on behalf of others and let them down. It is always difficult to connect with guys that are hyper serious and even more to have any fun with them. Intellect and humor are inter-linked as it’s believed that smart people would see for humor in any situation. Therefore hot guys would certainly know how to maintain their brand of humor and don’t go below the belt



Undoubtedly, physical strength is a key factor to attract someone. Who wouldn’t want their guy to have an exquisitely hot body with astounding packs and biceps? However, more importantly this reflects that the guy is actually disciplined within himself and would make rational moves to practically change his life. Internal-fortitude strength is extremely important as it shows the firm belief on one’s self. Any attractive man knows who is in command when it comes to his impulses and anger and ensures that it doesn’t derail him. He emits confidence without a hint of arrogance as he is sure about who he really is. Being hot is not about looks only. It is MOSTLY about confidence and personality. You cannot describe feel it!


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Emotionally Intelligent

For most men, it’s a taboo to be open about your emotions with someone as it shows weakness. However, vulnerability is a trait that builds transparency between relationships that leads to genuine intimacy. Letting your partner know about your feelings and fears would build a strong emotional bond that is insanely hot. Men who are compassionate, generous and tolerant are deemed to attract more people as they are completely transparent about their emotions. Men who try dominating their partner are insecure within themselves which is a highly undesirable quality.



The core differentiator between men and boys is simply their sense of integrity. We feel more comfortable and secure with men that are upright in their conduct. Scoundrels would use cheap tricks and lies to attract someone towards them. However, these things never last as nobody will find any depth of emotion within these men. Having a man that is truly affectionate would build her trust upon you. 


Prioritizing and focusing on details

All hot men will focus on their wardrobe, style and physical outlook. They wouldn’t compromise on tiny details and would strive for perfection. These attractive fellows know their ambitions within their lives and would prioritize accordingly. They would formulate plans to achieve those goals while the world sees them in splendor. Therefore being attractive isn’t just about your outwardly appearance but your inner qualities matter the most.


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