Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness

The Modern Man Art of Manliness


Manliness + Fashion + Killer Tips

The Art of Being Manly in 2020: Balancing Masculinity and Style Modern men are very proud of their masculinity and engage it.


But we live in a world in which our image is very important. Manliness and fashion seem to be exclusive for some.

But not for HUNK. HUNK design garments that are fashion-forward enough to make you look stylish, but that keep your masculine look.

Being a man who keeps the balance between manliness and fashion is definitely an art.

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HUNK Art of Manliness



What Is The Mondern Man Art of Manliness?

Manliness + Fashion In modern world, how you look is extremely important.


People tend to respect men with a neat and macho look as it showcases confidence.

From building up an exquisite body to dressing up nicely, manliness is an art that defines the class of a man.

Both women and gay men tend to admire men who look masculine and fashion-forward.

So how do you keep your balance between being masculine and a stylish man who is not afraid of wearing stylish undies or even a sexy jockstrap?

Well, every man certainly wants the attention of someone; we are all very sexual.

Art of Manliness is termed mostly about the behavior and habits of a man.

However, surprisingly choosing the right underwear could do wonders for you as well.

Don’t believe us?

Let’s paint a scenario for you.

You go out on a date with a gorgeous gal/guy wearing the finest piece of tuxedo.

The night went wonderful and things started getting a little heated on the way back home.

To her/his dismay, she/he sees you in: a regular unattractive piece of underwear.

If you date women, most likely she does anything possible just to look attractive to you.

If you date men, most likely your guy is very conscious about what he wears.


The bottomline is:

You should not/cannot wear just regular cheap underwear, if you really care about your dating life.

We can’t emphasize on the importance of wearing nice, fashionable men's underwear

How Fashionable Can a Masculine Man Be?


HUNK Mens Underwear HUNK2

In our opinion, men of any age, occupation and lifestyle deserve great underwear- underwear that feels comfortable and looks even better.


It basically implies that the underwear fits perfectly and goes beyong something basic that anyone would wear.

Underwear art of manliness is the art of slipping on a decent piece of underwear every morning.

It won’t just provide you with the rightful comfort level but will give you a psychological advantage as well.

Most guys argue that what’s the point of spending on underwear.

No one is going to see it anyway so what’s the point?

Ignore such statements and simply try it out for yourself.

You’ll definitely feel the difference within your confidence levels. It’s time that you stop ruining the first impression of your junk and actually become a macho man.

Now that the importance of great underwear is established, let’s focus on how to shop for a great piece for oneself.

There are multiple styles with various degrees of premium-ness available within the market.

Therefore it’s important to not get intimidated and ensure certain factors to help you make the right purchase.

Underwear shopping should be done considering a certain purpose within your mind. It’s imperative that you find the right fit for yourself.

Various brands have different underwear size charts therefore choose that best suits to your body type.

Choice of fabric is crucial as it determines the comfort level.

Many prefer cotton just because they haven’t tried nylon or polyester underwear.

Spandex, satin and silk are reasonable choices as well.


Choose underwear that fits in with your lifestyle; outgoing or sedentary.

Relaxed types would settle for boxers briefs while adventurous would prefer short briefs.


HUNK Underwear Men

Lastly, ensure that your underwear matches or at least connects with the undershirts and pants you wear.

Underwear is an integral clothing item for most macho men as they tend to realize that little details matter a lot.

At HUNK, we create guides to discuss the lastest trends in men’s underwear.

This was an introduction to why underwear is so important.

Now, feel free to check all our posts and stay tuned with the best in men’s underwear.