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Not Jockying around: why you should wear a jockstrap!



Fan or not of small underwear such as a jockstrap or a thong, the truth is many men usually prefer wearing briefs and boxers.

And while those might look good, there is nothing bad with trying out new, sexier options. Feeling sexier and being adventurous is always a great choice!


There are still many taboos about jockstraps, but many men have wondered how it feels wearing one.

This guide is for those stylish men who are not afraid to have fun with their underwear, and for those who have never tried anything beyond classic underwear styles.

Some of the things we discuss in this jockstraps shopping guide are:


Why should any man wear a jockstrap?

Wearing a jockstrap for sports

Wearing a jockstrap for fashion



Jockstraps are SERIOUSLY SEXY...

An absolute addition to a man’s wardrobe


This is why you should consider wearing a Jockstrap:



They have been and still are an absolute addition to a man’s wardrobe.

First off, this snug type of underwear will give you great support while you work hard on building a sexy body. Jockstraps are called suspensorios or athletic supporters in several countries.

Jockstraps are no longer just a gym or football undergarment.

Men are wearing them every day because they are not only athletic but also comfortable to wear – even to the office every day.

Most importantly, jockstraps are SERIOUSLY SEXY.


For the gym, for everyday wear, or to impress your lover, you should start thinking about investing in jockstraps.
If you have never before worn a jockstrap, this article will give you tips on wearing a jockstrap for sports or for fashion.



Wearing a jockstrap for sports


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Jockstraps were initially designed for men to wear during sports.

While you are working out, you want your focus to be completely on your sport.

You don’t want to worry about what is going on in your nether regions!


While choosing a jockstrap for sports, these are a few things you should keep in mind.


Comfort and protection during sports

We would recommend a jockstrap for most sports, but especially for those that require running such as football, basketball, and track.

If you play contact sports that involves fast-moving balls, you should consider a cup to protect your own!


Find a jockstrap that fits right

While shopping for a jockstrap, you need to consider waist size and pouch comfort.

Make sure the waist band isn’t too loose or it will fail to keep things in place.


The pouch should be tight enough to hold the genitals close to the body.

Jockstraps have a smaller cup than regular underwear to achieve this purpose.


Make sure the straps are not too tight; otherwise chafing will lead to itching and that is definitely not something you want to experience!

Jockstrap briefs are a great choice if the elastic straps are not your thing.




Considering a cup

A cup is a hard molded piece of metal or plastic that fits inside the pouch of the jockstrap.


Some men don’t feel comfortable wearing it but if you are concerned about safety during sports, we would definitely recommend them for sports involving contact or speeding balls such as hockey, tennis, or football.


Among our jockstraps, any jockstrap briefs of the Eros collection have a double pouch bag that will allow you fitting the hard cup of your choice.


Some men just like wearing hard cups for fashion since they give that visual rough football player look.


The ability to add or remove a hard cup makes jockstraps unique among any other type of men’s underwear. Jockstraps are the most versatile piece of undergarment that you can add to your wardrobe. This makes them a MUST for any man -gay or straight.



Choosing the cup

The key is finding the balance between protection and comfort.

Fit your jockstrap tight enough to prevent the cup from twisting. Also look for cups with soft edges for better cushioning on impact.

If you play really fast moving sports like basketball, you might want to consider a hard cup.


The key point is that you want your genitals to be as secure and comfortable as possible during sports.

Before your precious package suffers a blow, get a jockstrap and consider wearing a cup.



Wearing a Jockstrap for fashion



Nowadays, wearing a jockstrap is no longer just about protecting your ‘boys’ from harm during sports; it is also about making them look good!

This is why many men have started wearing sexy jockstraps to not only feel good but also to impress their partners.

Jockstraps are actually very comfortable to wear, which is why men have started wearing them on a daily basis.



Make sure your jockstrap is comfortable

When it comes to wearing a jockstrap for fashion, you should consider comfort and fabrics and worry less about support.

We recommend soft fabrics, meshes, and colorful designs that will make you stand out.



Decide on a style

Now this is the best part of shopping for a jockstrap!

Fashion jockstraps don’t come in the boring, typical waist band, straps and pouch style of mainstream sports jockstraps.

You can buy a jockstrap with thick or multiple straps, in many colors and fabrics.

If you are skinny, thinner waist bands are a good choice.

If you are a bigger man, thick waist bands are great to support your body and make you look more proportionate.

Jockstraps made with soft fabrics enhance the size perception of the pouch and make you look more masculine.



Choose the right material

As with other underwear, fashion jockstrap also come in a wide range of materials and fabrics.

We do not advise to go for cheap walmart or target jockstraps made with cotton and low quality elastic bands.

Jockstraps are a type of underwear that you only own a few, but those few should be great quality.

Buying cheap jockstraps does not make much sense. 

For the more fashionable men out there, microfabrics and prints are the best choice! This is what HUNK² mostly focuses on.

We bring the best of fashion-forward prints and high-tech fabrics to the world of jockstraps to give you that top of the line experience.


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Shape of the pouch

There are some great options when it comes to choosing a jockstrap, whether it is for daily wear or for sexy time.


You can choose a pouch in any color, even multi colored ones, as well pouches with ribbons on them!

If you want something fancier, then you will not be disappointed. We have a great selection of jockstraps that will make you stand out.


For the fashionable gay men, a shiny and sparkly jockstrap will definitely make your lover notice you!

Make sure, however, that the fabric of your sequined and studded jockstrap is soft and you are comfortable in it.

Otherwise sexy time may not feel if you are uncomfortable in your sparkly underwear!


For the gym, jockstraps are an absolute necessity.

They will keep you snug and comfortable.

Other than that, there are plenty of sexy and comfortable jockstraps within our recent collection that you can wear to the office or in bed.


Hopefully this shopping guide will help you find a more athletic, comfortable and sexier underwear!


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