Men's thongs ? In a world of boxers, dare to be sexier.




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Men's Thong Underwear

Sexy + Hot + Fashionable + Comfortable



Thongs: not as popular as jockstraps among men, but quite related in sex appeal.

In fact, jockstraps are descendants of the less popular thongs. But that seems to be a very misconception.

Why should women have all fun with underwear? Let us just clear up a few misconceptions that people seem to have about men’s thongs.

This is not a men thong blog, but we know many of our adventurous customers are always up to pull a thong.


Straight or gay, men know that thongs are one of the hottest underwear types and there is nothing to judge


Thongs give you the commando sensation while still providing support


Busting the men’s thongs myths!


i. Thongs are not for macho men

It is such silly ideas that deprive men of wearing thongs and deprive their partners from hot moments that only thongs will give you!

Luckily, more and more men are confident enough to embrace the idea of wearing something other than the usual briefs and boxers.

A “gay men thong” is not a real thing; thongs are just thongs and gay or straight, the sexy feel of wearing a thong is something that any man can enjoy.



ii. Men’s thongs are not manly

Do you really want to be the man whose manliness is defined by his underwear?

What is it about a strap of fabrics between the butt cheeks that has all these ‘macho’ men running from thongs?

Women have worn thongs for ages and they are more than comfortable with a bit of fabric between their butt cheeks. Truth be told, if you really are all that manly you would man up and wear a thong, even if just to try it out once.

You’d be surprised at how comfortable it can feel.

iii. Thongs are “gay

Once again with the labeling and the stereotyping!

Sure, many gay men are more fashionably adventurous and many enjoy wearing the thong on a regular basis. But, are thongs made exclusively for women and gay men?

Absolutely not!

Gay or straight, thongs are the coolest thing in men’s underwear and every guy should at least try it out once. Again, gay man thongs do not exist, just sexy thongs made for any sexy man.

So, we may have dispelled some of the common misconceptions about thongs but maybe you are not quite convinced whether you should buy a thong or not.

All you CONFIDENT men out there, you need to start adding a thong to your collection! And if you’re not convinced yet, here are a few points to help you realize that you really need to wear a thong, now!

Why Wearing Men's Thong Underwear?



1. You will feel sexier

Maybe boxers and briefs make you feel safe. But honestly, nothing invites more to sex than a guy wearing a nice thong. Nothing sexier than bringing all the attention to the package.

And if you also think that thongs for men are unnecessarily skimpy, thing again. There is a purpose to this design. When you feel your underwear so close to your body, it’ll create a sensual sensation in you. And that will make you feel sexier.

And who doesn’t want to feel sexy, right? It will do wonders for your confidence too.


2. You will look sexier

Don’t worry, we don’t think that feeling sexy is all that matters.

Not only will you feel sexier in a thong, you will look your sexiest too.

You won’t be fumbling around in awkward underwear. You will be able to showcase your goods and enhance your bulge with a thong. Not only that, your butt is going to look pretty damn gorgeous too! So just let it all hang out with confidence and you’ll just end up setting the place on fire!


3. Eye candy for your lover

If you are not going to do it for yourself, do it for your lover! Let your partner see you in a sexy thong.

Men’s thongs let you show as much skin as possible, while keeping the real goodie bag hidden, just out of sight.

If you think that won’t drive him wild in the bedroom, nothing will! You can have a little foreplay that will amp up the sexual passion and just like that, your sex life will have become better than before!


On a serious note, keeping things exciting and fresh in a long term relationship does take work. But it is the simple things like these, such as wearing a teasing thong, which can spice up your sex life. And think about how much more exciting it would be if your partner also got a thong? Talk about sexual tension!


4. Motivation to work out

The truth is, a thong looks best on a fit body.

This is not to discourage heavier men from wearing a thong. But once they do decide to wear it, they will realize that a fit body will be able to pull it off better.

So, wearing a thong regularly will motivate you to go the gym and work out to get in better shape.

You do not have to be ripped. Just stay fit so that the sexy thong you have purchased looks even more amazing on you.



5. Thongs are ACTUALLY very comfortable

To test this, wear a thong to your workouts. You will realize that it keeps you cool and fresh down there and prevents you from getting a wedgie; no one likes a wedgie when in high school or as an adult man!

The back of the thong is made little so it won’t bunch and ride up.


6. Excellent support

Men’s thongs are not just for sexy time.

They are actually designed to give great support to your boys. The triangular front is attached to a thick waistband, giving your support and keeping them snug.


7. Good hygiene

With little material there to trap sweat and germs, thongs are better at keeping infection at bay than regular underwear.

Just make sure you wash it regularly. Even laundry is effortless as thongs are much easier to wash and dry.


8. It is exciting

There are many men out there who wear thongs regularly. For some, it is like a naughty secret they have. They could get laid in the middle of the day and they will be ready for it, sexy underwear and all.

If you want comfort with sexiness, start wearing thongs. Wear them for your partner or wear them to the office, they will work fine either way.

If you want some great option for thongs, check our thongs and you will be getting the nicest thongs in the market.