Male Ballet Dancer wears HUNK2 Swimwear

Male Ballet Dancer

Male Ballet Dancer Michael Stumpfig wears HUNK Swimwear

Male Ballet Dancer Michael Stumpfig

Meet the boy from Oregon who’s making it big in LA



Born and bred in Oregon, dancer Michael Stumpfig has been toying with life in Los Angeles for the past three years.

“I’ve been going back home every summer…” explains Michael. “But I recently leased my first apartment in North Hollywood, so I’m here for the foreseeable future.”

It seems as if life in LA is suiting Michael.

We caught up with him while he was in San Diego, stripping down for the camera of Armando Adajar.

We were keen to see what Michael looked like in the bright and bold colors of our HUNK swimwear, so we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.



Ballet Dancer Model


A passion for dance

“Originally, I was a gymnast…” says Michael.

“In high school, I was cast in a few musicals. That led me to more dancing training, including ballet.”

“I was a late starter in terms of becoming a male ballet dancer, but luckily I’d established some foundation and body awareness from the gymnastics.”

“I’m also into Yoga…” adds Michael. “Yoga was an extension of the dance training.

I mostly did it for a good workout and flexibility training.

However, after a while, it also became more of a meditative experience for me. It’s very good for the mind!”

“I really do love my body and the progress I’ve made…” 


Ballet HUNK Male Model



Building the body


“I really do love my body and the progress I’ve made…” confirms Michael, when we compliment him on the transformation that he’s documenting on his Instagram.

“It wasn’t until recently I decided to stop focusing on Size, Size, Size, and began to train the best way my body was able to.”

“I still train 5-6 days a week - which could be anything from dance, gymnastics, yoga, or weights - but now, I focus much more on how I feel and not necessarily how I look.”

"I have definitely always been a dancer…"


Male Model Dancing Ballet Beach HUNK Brand

Finding a home

“LA is feeling more like home everyday…” says Michael.

“Life is amazing here. There’s something about being surrounded by individuals who share so much in common with you.”

“Contrary to popular belief, people in the performance industry are some of the most caring, loving, accepting, and friendly individuals I’ve known.

We all realize that we’re in this crazy fight together and that we need all the support we can get.”

Hitting the beach

“I really enjoyed wearing the HUNK swimsuits!” exclaimed Michael, when we asked him which style of swim-wear he preferred. 

Square cut trunks used to be my favorite style of swimsuit, but as I’ve become more confident with my body, I’m all about the briefs.”

“I hope this photo-shoot helps people to feel inspired to work hard…” adds Michale.

“I hope it also inspires them to get their butts into a pair of HUNK swim-briefs next time they go swimming!”